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‘100 Works, 100 Artists’ Now More Assertive

A view of the exhibitA view of the exhibit

The ongoing exhibition ‘100 Works, 100 Artists,’ showcasing works by 257 contemporary artists at Tehran’s Golestan Gallery has exceeded earnings compared to its previous edition, according to the director of the venue.

It opened on July 21 and, after two weeks broke the sales record of the preceding edition, Honaronline reported.

Lunched in 1992, it is the oldest visual arts event. The first edition of the event was held with exactly one hundred artists.

Since its founding, the event has offered quality works and has focused on the economics of art. A quarter century since inception, it has been able to introduce new buyers to the art community.

“This year’s edition has made me extremely happy. The young artists managed to sell a high number of their works – almost 70% of the total sale,” gallery director Lili Golestan said.

The silver jubilee event presents various forms of art including painting, sculpture and calligraphy. The opening day generated 1.25 billion rials ($33,051) in sales.

“So far (August 1), 65 artworks have been sold,” among which a painting by modern painter, graphic designer, illustrator and print artist Mahmoud Javadipour (1920-2012) was the most expensive at 300 million rials ($7,858). For his innovations, Javadipour was granted the First Degree Art Certificate by the evaluation council of the Culture Ministry.

The next high-priced works were those by painters Nasser Oveysi, 83, Farideh Lashai (1944-2013) and Ali Taraqijah (1943-2010), ranging between 150 and 200 million rials ($3,930-$5,250).

Painter, sculptor and graphic designer Shamsoddin Ghazi, 33, is the participating artist with the highest number of works sold: four paintings and two sculptures.

Ghazi is among the young participants who are known and well established, while there also are several newcomers. Their works are often abstract with a few surreal paintings.  

 A Different Exhibition

“As is customary, we replaced each sold work by another work by the same artist. So, compared to what was on display on the first day, now we have a rather different exhibition,” Golestan added.

The price of paintings by celebrated artists starts from a small work by Farah Ossouli at 90 million rials ($2,380) and culminates at 900 million rials ($23,797)  for two paintings by accomplished painter, graphic designer and author Aydin Aghadashlou, 76, and Faramarz Pilaram, hung above the director’s desk. One painting by Parviz Kalantari is tagged at 800 million rials ($21,153).

There is a painting by Masoud Arabshahi, 81, and a photograph by filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami (1940-2016) showing a field and a farm, set at 15 million rials ($397).

The event offers sculptures by famous artists including sculptors Mohammad Hossein Emad, 60, and Reza Qarabaghi, 48; also by avant-garde painter, poet and sculptor Jazeh Tabatabai (1931-2008). The sculptures on sale start from 25 million rials ($661) ending at 80 million rials ($2,115).

At this edition of ‘100 Works, 100 Artists’ there is a special place for artists from the provinces, in particular Isfahan. Their works are diverse: minimalistic, figurative and abstract ranging from $397 to $1,058.

The exhibit will close August 16.  Golestan Art Gallery is located at No. 34, Kamasaei St., Darrus neighborhood. Visiting hours are from 4-8 pm.  Thursday is closed.


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