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Mastan Concert in Isfahan

Mastan ensembleMastan ensemble

Following a successful performance at Isfahan’s Roudaki Hall last month, Mastan music ensemble will perform another concert at the same venue on August 4.

Led by composer, lyricist and vocalist Parvaz Homay, the traditional ensemble staged their last concert on July 12. On Friday, they will perform a selection of pieces from their released albums, IMNA ( reported.

Mastan’s albums include ‘Dar Shabe Gisovane To’ (In the night of Your Hair), ‘Sarzamine Bikaran’ (Unending Land), ‘In Che Jahanist?’ (What World Is This?), ‘Khoda dar Roustaye Mast’ (God Is in our Village), ‘Jedale Aql va Eshq’ (Battle between Intellect and Love), ‘Sarbazan’ (Soldiers), ‘Banouye Irani’ (Iranian Lady) and ‘Divaneh cho Divaneh Bebinad’ (When a Maniac Sees a Maniac).

But it was their 2006 album, ‘Molaqat ba Douzakhian’ (Meeting with Infernals) that made them famous.

The concert will be performed at 6:30 and 9 pm. Roudaki Hall is located on 17-Shahrivar Street, Malekshahr neighborhood.  Tickets are available on, a website on cultural events in Isfahan.

Members of Mastan ensemble, also known as Mastan-va-Homay include Esfandyar Shahmir on daf, a large frame drum; Mahmoud Nozari on santur, Iranian hammered dulcimer; Ali Reza Mehdizadeh on the spike fiddle of kamancheh and  gheychak, a bowed instrument. Other members are Sahab Torbati on the goblet drum of tonbak; tar player Nima Delnavazi; and Saeed Fahimi who plays ney, an end-blown flute.

Homay, 37, has spent much time traveling and conducting research in various countries including Africa, India and Iran.

His performances have been held at notable venues across the globe. He has performed several mixed performances of Persian music in collaboration with symphony orchestras in opera format in Belgium, Los Angeles and Toronto, including ‘Moses and the Shepherd’ at Walt Disney Hall, Los Angeles, conducted by Shahrdad Rouhani; as well as ‘Love, Wisdom and Man’ at Tonhalle, Dusseldorf, at the Palais Des Beaux Arts Bruxelles, Barbican Hall in London and the Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto.

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