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Top Qur’an Translators Honored

Top Qur’an Translators HonoredTop Qur’an Translators Honored

Three top Qur’an translators in English, Spanish and Chinese languages were honored in a ceremony attended by Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ali Jannati.

The ceremony was held in the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) on Monday in which Spanish translator Raul Gonzalez Bornez, English translator Ali Quli Qara’i and the translator of the Qur’an into Chinese language, Soleiman Bai-Ji-Su, were honored, IRNA reported.

Soleiman Bai-Ji-Su was born in 1966 in China. In 1989 he traveled to Iran to study Islamic sciences and graduated in 1995; the year in which he was employed as a translator in the IRIB World Service (Chinese section).

The translation of the Holy Qur’an is his noted work which was published in 2011.

He has translated several other books into Chinese including ‘Mizan Al Hikma’ (Scale of wisdom), ‘Sahifeh Sajjadieh’, ‘Risalatul Huquq’ (The Treatise of Rights) and has penned articles on Imam Hussein (AS), Imam Sadegh (AS) and Hazrat Fatima (SA).

Raul Gonzalez Bornez was born in 1950 in Madrid. He studied electronics in the same city from 1967-1970.

In 1983 he converted to Islam and began learning Islamic Studies in Granada, Spain. From 1990-1996 he studied in the Qom seminary.

From 1996-2005, he propagated Islam in Spain and established the Islamic Center of Imam Reza (AS) in Barcelona. In 1998 he founded the first Shia website in Spanish which contained articles and information on the Imams and the Prophet’s Household (AS).

Ali Quli Qara’i is an Iranian scholar and Qur’an translator. He was the chief editor of Al-Tawhid magazine for 14 years and also held the same post for ‘The Message of Peace’; the first post-Islamic Revolution magazine in English in 1979-1980.