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Khaseb’s Mysterious Gift at Shahrzad Theater

Khaseb’s Mysterious Gift at Shahrzad TheaterKhaseb’s Mysterious Gift at Shahrzad Theater

Performance artist Yaser Khaseb, 36, head of theater troupe ‘Crazy Body,’ has brought out the latest run of his solo show ‘Mysterious Gift’ at Shahrzad Theater in Tehran.

Mysterious Gift opened July 26 and will run through August 26. The 30-minute blend of dance, puppetry and mime starts at 8 pm.

Khaseb created Mysterious Gift in 2006. He has staged the performance in Iran, Europe and the US. In an interview with Azad News Agency (ANA), Khaseb spoke of the performance: “I think I should perform the work until the end of my life.”

Khaseb’s show comprises several movement-based pieces rendering the language barrier irrelevant. He begins with a traditional Iranian performance, offering insight into a rich culture and history.

“Mysterious Gift has great potential for rebirth. Since its creation, I produced numerous other works, but its dynamic energy keeps running inside me. For me the work serves as a retreat for solitude in which I recapitulate my life and learn lessons.”

The show has been well-received at each performance, Khaseb said.”It is spontaneous and creates a fresh feeling … Mysterious Gift is not a culture-specific performance. It can connect with an audience everywhere in the world.”

Mysterious Gift received the First Place Award at the 10th edition of THESPIS International Monodrama Festival in 2016 in Kiel, northern Germany.

The website of the festival ( said: “His performances encourage audiences to find human connection through purely physical storytelling. He explores an imaginary spirit in the modern context, using breathtaking puppetry to present his battle with the self and shows how easy it is to lose the battle.”

Shahrzad Theater is located at the intersection of Neauphle-le-Chateau and Razi streets.

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