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Birth and Death Photos at Atashzad Gallery

Birth and Death Photos at Atashzad GalleryBirth and Death Photos at Atashzad Gallery

‘Small Galaxies’ is a solo photo exhibit by young Iranian freelance photographer Hossein Mousavi Sadr underway at Atashzad Art Gallery in Tehran.

It opened on July 21 and will run through July 27. The event features 21 photographs both color and black and white, dealing with the subject of birth, death and the distance in between, according to Chiilik (, a local news website on photography.

Mousavi Sadr, 22, a member of Young Photographers House, has written the following about his new exhibit:

“Homeland we call it, wherever the wind lets go of our hands. It will be the center of the Earth, where everything serves as a sign of love.

People pass one another by in streets, dine together at restaurants and express their deepest love at homes; but they can never find each other’s depths.

Each individual sees the other as a transient manifestation; but oneself as the axis of all that makes sense.”

Mousavi Sadr explains more about the concept of individuality: “He sees death and is aware of it; but secretly agrees that he will survive. He believes himself to be the core of the universe; not too far from the truth.

The universe has as many cores as the humans breathing in. They are the small galaxies who are dragged out of heaven by midwife and return to where they’ve come from as soon as they stop breathing.

Between the two unknowns, journeys take place across a material space. No matter how different the journeys are, they have the same beginning and the same ending.”

The statement becomes more specific at the end: “The collection on show is a documentary portrayal of the galaxies (human beings) brought here in the Middle East by the wind. Each one has paused at a unique spot in the middle of a journey. But when they are put together as puzzle pieces …”

Atashzad Art Gallery is located at No.23, North Tavanir Street, on the corner of Houman Alley. Visiting hours are from 4-8 pm.



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