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Iranian Goats in Folklore, Culture and History

Raheleh Rowshandel’s paintings at the exhibitRaheleh Rowshandel’s paintings at the exhibit

In her first solo painting exhibition in Iran, Paris-based Iranian artist Raheleh Rowshandel has explored the role of goats through Iran’s history, myths, stories and ethnic groups.

Titled ‘Iranian Goats’, her exhibit at Shokouh Art Gallery in Tehran, includes 20 abstract paintings, acrylic on canvas, and is the first of its kind to focus specifically on the subject of goats, Honaronline reported.

“I have tried to portray the various roles of goats in Iranian culture and history,” she said. The goats in her paintings are part mythology while some exist among the beliefs of people in the ethnic and nomadic tribes of Iran as well as old tales. Rowshandel, 41, lives in Paris for over 10 years. She learnt painting from Iranian masters, namely Aydin Aghdashloo, Reza Malekzadeh and Reza Zohourian.

“I used to work with foreign collectors and regularly sold my works. However, encouraged by a friend, I displayed my works in an exhibit,” she added. This way, the works can be better seen by more people.

She has been painting professionally for 15 years. In Paris, sometimes she sits at a subway station and draws people. “I plan to hold an exhibition of my subway drawings next year.”

The ‘Iranian Goats’ exhibit will run through July 19 at Shokouh Art Gallery located at No 19., Amir Nouri Alley, North Salimi St., Andarzgou Blvd., Farmaniyeh district.


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