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Sadr’s Historical Novel Out

Sadr’s Historical Novel OutSadr’s Historical Novel Out

A new book in Iran’s market ‘Three Hundred and Twenty Five’, written by author, historian Hamid Reza Sadr and published by Cheshmeh Publications, deals with the life of Hasan Ali Mansur, one of the Prime Ministers during Pahlavi regime in the 1960s.

Mansur (1923–1965) was an Iranian politician who was Prime Minister for less than a year during Mohammad Reza Pahlavi regime since he was assassinated in 1965

He was appointed for the position after Asadollah Alam resigned in February 1964 and remained there until January 1965 for 325 days when he was shot in front of Majlis building in Tehran. He was succeeded by Amir Abbas Hoveida.

In his book, Sadr gives the real account of those days and mixes them with the thoughts of Mansour in the form of the second-person narrative. In addition to presenting the historical facts in his novel, Sadr has tried to depict Mansour’s character and analyze his various aspects in political career.

 Politics, Cinema and Football

Sadr, 61, is an Iranian author, historian, journalist and film and football critic. He is well known for his publications on various subjects including football, cinema, history and social studies.

He has written a book on politics and Iranian cinema, titled ‘Iranian Cinema: A Political History’. The comprehensive analysis provided in the book gives an introduction to those interested in Iranian cinema and its socio-political dimensions and history, observing recurrent themes and genres as well as giving lights to lesser-known thematic concerns and figures.

The book reveals the history of Iran through its cinema as Sadr uses the films to tell the story of shifting political, economic and social situations. It covers the broad spectrum of Iran’s cinema, offering vivid descriptions of key films and recurring themes and tropes, such as the preponderance of images of childhood, and what these reveal about Iranian society.

Sadr is a football lover too and has written several features on sociology, politics and football. His book ‘Once Upon a Time Football’ is about politics and football.

The book ‘Three Hundred and Twenty Five’, printed in 307 pages, is available for $6.6.


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