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15 Iranian Publishers to Attend Frankfurt Fair

15 Publishers to Attend Frankfurt Fair
15 Publishers to Attend Frankfurt Fair

Fifteen publishing houses, three literary agencies and four publishing associations from Iran will participate in the Frankfurt Book Fair 2017 (October 11-15).

“Tehran Publishers and Booksellers Association (TPBA) will manage Iran’s pavilion and represent the absent publishers, introducing their books,” CEO of Iran Cultural Fairs Institute (ICFI) Amir Masoud Shahramnia said.

In addition to the TPBA, the Cultural Association of Academic Book Publishers and the Association of Islamic Revolution Publishers as well as the Association of Sacred Defense Publishers will be present, LISNA, a news website on librarianship, reported.

Two other associations will be represented by ‘Tamas’ literary agency at the book fair. They are Women’s Publishers Association and the Iranian Association of Writers for Children and Youth.

Among the participating publishers, five are active in the books for children and young adults.

The ICFI will be collecting the books to be presented in Frankfurt for one more month. “Then, we can give specific information about the books, their titles and subjects,” he added.

Similar to the last edition, Shahramnia is manager of Iran’s pavilion at the fair. “This year, the literary agencies in the country will have a more pronounced role at the fair. However, we are still far from obtaining reasonable economic benefits expected of such exhibitions,” he said.

“Compared to the last year, more Iranian publishers have responded to our call. How qualitatively we can be present depends on our collaboration with publishers during the coming months,” Shahramnia added.

“About two years ago, we requested the Frankfurt Book Fair organizers to give us a pavilion away from Arabic speaking countries. This was because western visitors may confuse our Persian alphabets with Arabic and see us as another Arabic speaking nation,” he noted.

This year Iran will have a 200 sq meter pavilion next to Turkey.


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