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2m Iranian Manuscripts Abroad

2m Iranian Manuscripts Abroad2m Iranian Manuscripts Abroad

Iran should buy back its ancient manuscripts existing in foreign countries, many of which are not kept in proper condition, presidential advisor and head of the board of trustees at Iran’s National Library and Archives Organization, Seyed Reza Salehi-Amiri said on Saturday.

“It is estimated that nearly two million Iranian manuscripts in Farsi and Arabic languages exist in foreign countries, including nearly one million in Pakistan and India, and 500,000 in Central Asia. There are also 2600 books in the French national library, and more in number in Spain,” MNA quoted him as saying.

These works are part of the country’s cultural heritage, and therefore efforts should be made to buy them back in original form or a digital version, “especially when many of them are not kept in good condition,” Amiri said.

The government has promised to take steps in this regard, he added.