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‘Eternal Feast’ at Paris Gallery

‘Eternal Feast’ at Paris Gallery‘Eternal Feast’ at Paris Gallery

A solo exhibition by Adel Younesi titled ‘Eternal Feast’ was showcased at Nicolas Flamel contemporary art gallery in Paris. The show featured twenty of the artist’s paintings all created in 2014.

Younesi usually works on large canvases; in this exhibition he presented his smaller works too. All the works were in acrylic and oil color on canvas, Honaronline reported.

His paintings have a twisted tone and represent a dream-like world. The elements are placed within his works like actors in a play. Humans, dolphins, tigers, zebras, vintage cars, clowns, and celebrities, all come together in an orchestra to retell a story set in a seemingly jolly world at the bottom of the ocean. Yet everything is so shockingly misplaced and alienating, as if to imply that the fate of the world is grim.    

A contemporary art gallery, Nicolas Flamel was established in 2008 by two Iranians, Fathali Metghalchi and his wife Kimya Derambakhsh. The gallery is located in the heart of the Parisian art scene, in the historic and trendy neighborhood of ‘the Marais,’ just a few steps from the Pompidou Museum.

Managed and curated by Fathali Metghalchi, Hessam Khalatbari and Yassi Metghalchi, the art gallery is dedicated to exhibiting and promoting international contemporary artists with a primary focus on Iranian contemporary artists to a global audience.

The exhibition concluded on December 10.