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Canadian Theater Experts in Tehran

Canadian Theater Experts in TehranCanadian Theater Experts in Tehran

On an initiative by the Iranian Zendegi Theater Company, two theater experts from Canada, Dana Luebke and Robert Greenwood, are conducting acting sessions at Tehran’s City Theater Complex.

Workshop on ‘radiations and body language’ taught by Luebke, focuses on “radiations of body, body language, developing skills in physical movements, understanding movement and form, guidelines for displaying movement, etc,” reports CHN. Greenwood’s  workshops titled ‘tone of acting’ discusses issues such as use of the 5 senses, work  and emotional memory, ways of recalling emotions, and playing on the stage.

At the end of these sessions (Dec. 15), there will be performances by the participants.

Luebke is a theater actor and choreographic director. With 45 years of experience, he has participated in more than 200 performances, in 80 of which he played the lead role. He has taught choreography to young people and adults in Italy, France, England, Scotland, the US, and Canada.

Greenwood is the artistic and managing director of Sun Ergos, a company of theater and dance, and has over fifty years of experience in theatre, and choreography. He offers workshops in theatre arts in communities, high schools and universities.