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High School Students for Global Neuroscience Contest

High School Students for Global Neuroscience ContestHigh School Students for Global Neuroscience Contest

The organizer of Iran neuroscience students' committee has stated that for the first time, high school students would have the opportunity to participate in the annual global neuroscience competition. 

"The student committee in cooperation with the Ministry of Education is set to roll out neuroscience courses for the first time in select high schools in Tehran to compete in the International Brain Bee Championship," said Dr. Sareh Asadi. She said the programs would be introduced once a week through extra classes in both boys and girls high schools, IRNA reported.

According to her, volunteer schools will have the opportunity to host the neuroscience classes, but she expects schools of gifted students to have warmer reception to the program. Educators will be chosen from among the top graduate and PhD students of neuroscience studies for 23 sessions of the program.

"On completion, students will participate in local, regional and national contests and the winner will represent Iran in the international Brain Bee competition, which is to be held in Australia this time around," Asadi said.

Aside from the courses, all high school students will be able to get familiar with neuroscience through one and two-day events in several universities in Tehran. University of Medical Sciences, University of Tehran and Tarbiat Modares University have expressed readiness to join the program.