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Postcard Art at Tehran Azad Gallery

Postcard Art at  Tehran Azad GalleryPostcard Art at  Tehran Azad Gallery

An exhibition of postcard art, with paintings on one side and a note on the other that encourages dialogue between artists and buyers, is currently underway at Azad Art Gallery in Tehran.

Titled 'Postcardese,' the exhibition features a collection of artworks created on postcard-sized paper, according to Gallery Info (

The artworks include paintings, illustrations and drawings. On the back of each, is a note by the artist that attempts to establish a personal connection with the buyer.

The exhibition is curated by painter, video artist, art researcher and manager of Azad Art Gallery Rozita Sharafjahan, 55, in collaboration with prolific graphic designer Farhad Fozouni, 39. 

They invited 180 artists to the event and asked them to establish a "dialogue' with the future buyers of their works.

"We usually cannot predict who will buy our works. Years later, we may find out that one of our works is hanging on the wall at somebody's house," says the exhibit statement.

"Sometimes, an interesting connection forms between buyer and artist, when they exchange ideas on the work.

Artists' remarks can be a part of the creative process to convey the reason why the work was created so that the buyers will also get to know." 

Each work is associated with different stories. "We called the work postcard art since the letter on the back is for the buyer, which perhaps will lead to friendship between the two. Will a dialogue follow? Can the initiative grant a new dimension to the work?" These questions will be answered over the coming days, Sharafjahan said.

The exhibit opened on June 17 and will run through June 28 on all days except Thursdays. Visiting hours are from 4-8 pm. The gallery is located at No. 5, Salmas Square, Fat'hi Shaqaqi Street, Valiasr Avenue. 

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