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Gilan Nightingale’s New Album

Gilan Nightingale’s New Album Gilan Nightingale’s New Album

The ‘Nightingale of Gilan’ Nasser Masoudi, will release a new album on June 20.

Masoudi, 82, composer and the oldest known living singer of Gilaki,  branch of a Caspian language spoken in Gilan Province, will release ‘Hala Chera’ (Why Now), an album of folk and traditional songs, composed by him and arranged by composer Majid Derakhshani, 60, according to, a local website on Iranian music.

Recording of the album started a year ago. Ney is played by Shahou Andalibi; oud by Amin Golestani and Arash Saeedian; violin, viola and kamancheh by Ali Reza Daryaee; santur by Vesal Salehian; tar by Hamid Behrouzinia and Abd-ol-Reza Jalali; and tonbak by Niloufar Mohseni with other percussions played by Arash Saeedian.

The singers who accompany Masoudi are Mehrdad Nassehi and Faezeh Kamyab.

In collaboration with composer Masoud Lahiji, he has another album under production. It is titled ‘Khorshid Khanoum’ (literally Lady Sun). All lyrics of the album are based on a selection of poems by late Gilaki poet Shivan Foumani. Derakhshani has also undertaken the arrangement of the second album.

Masoudi’s house in Rasht, capital of Gilan Province, is planned to be marked with the lifelong tablet, a metal plaque to celebrate cultural and natural heritage, including intangible heritage.

An initiative of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO), the tablet on Masoudi’s house will be the fourth to be marked by ICHHTO. The homes of renowned surrealist painter Iran Darroudi, 80; poet, writer, literary and art critic Javad Mojabi, 77; and the late poet Qeysar Aminpour (1959-2007), have already received the plaques.

The plaque program was implemented in the framework of UNESCO 2003 Convention for safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage.

It appreciates the living cultural treasures and seeks to identify and introduce contemporary figures who have contributed to the art and culture of their respective countries.


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