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Ivory Coast in Joint Music Project

Bougarabous, drums used in Ivory CoastBougarabous, drums used in Ivory Coast

The Music Academy of Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire) will add Iranian music to its curriculum.

Anahita Tadayon, director of the cultural office at the Ivorian Embassy told ILNA that Iran and Ivory Coast are cooperating in a joint music project.

“Since the cultural office opened in 2012, it has organized artistic and cultural programs that introduce the music and art of Ivory Coast in Iran,” she said.

Among them were joint music projects between musicians from the two sides.

Ivory Coast music includes music genres and folk traditions of many ethnic communities, often characterized by vocal polyphony.

During 2017, this rich diversity of music tradition will be highlighted by the cultural office through various programs.

“Besides Iranian enthusiasts, there are foreign participants who want to learn more about Iranian art and culture during their stay in Iran. That is why Iranian music is included among the courses of the music academy,” said Tadayon.

The academy has started collaborating with prominent musicians to organize the Iranian music course. It also conducts programs in world music.

Music Academy of Ivory Coast, also known as CCCI Music Academy, is located at No. 78, Nour Alley, Africa Avenue.

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