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Multilayered Concept in Paintings on Display

An artwork at the exhibitAn artwork at the exhibit

Painter and illustrator Hani Najm, 32, has set up a solo exhibition at Did Art Gallery in Tehran, which opened on June 9.

Curator Omid Shams, manager of Hepta Gallery, spoke about the artist and analyzed the works presented in a talk with Honaronline.

The first thing that drew his attention to Najm’s collection was the “multilayered concept” of the works, both in form and content. In spite of their apparent simplicity, his paintings are complicated.

In sum, his works can be defined “as a multitude of his personal reflections,” Shams said.

The artist’s creations on a number of disposed objects are a new experience.

His paintings on worn out shoes, for instance, are a fresh concept, and also harmonious with the wall paintings, lending “a new dimension to his work.”

“Trash is discarded matter from which we keep a distance. There are many artists who have used various approaches in using discarded materials, but how Najm has rendered the subject is unique and attractive,” Shams said.

The artist has picked up discarded stuff and redefined it, he notes.

The artworks featured at the exhibit also portray “the selfishness of the multitudes (of people) concerned only about themselves and nothing else. Consider the petty complaints we often hear in taxis and at the workplace.”

Najm’s works are a commendable endeavor.

The exhibit runs through June 20 at the gallery located east of Honarmandan Park on Iranshahr Street. Visiting hours are from 3-9 pm. Saturdays are off.


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