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Shajarian’s Nostalgic Album Reproduced Digitally

Shajarian’s Nostalgic Album Reproduced DigitallyShajarian’s Nostalgic Album Reproduced Digitally

Empty Chalice (in Persian: ‘Jam-e-Tohi’), a nostalgic album sung by globally acclaimed Iranian classical and traditional singer and composer Mohammad Reza Shajarian, 76, has now been reproduced in digital format.

Including three pieces in the Iranian musical mode ‘Mahur’ and one in ‘Dashti,’ the album was first presented in a TV program in the 1970s.

Creatively arranged by composer and conductor Fereydoun Shahbazian, 75, it received a warm welcome after its initial release, and the first cassette was brought out in 2004, ILNA reported.

Due to its popularity, the cassette was widely distributed and reproduced, but eventually lost to the digital world of music. That is why Tehran-based Avakhorshid Records, decided to reproduce the album in digital format.

The album is now available on the websites of beeptunes ( and Ritmo (

The first piece of the album in 25 minutes is in Mahur mode. Violin by Habibollah Badiee (1933-1992) accompanies the piece which is based on a famous poem by prominent contemporary Persian poet Fereydoun Moshiri (1926-2000).

Two instrumental pieces are also included: Rhapsody for Santur and Orchestra; and Rhapsody for Tar and Orchestra, both in Mahur mode. They are the result of Shahbazian’s academic endeavors in 1960s at College of Fine Arts, Tehran.

In the first rhapsody, santur is played by composer, music researcher and santur player Faramarz Payvar (1933-2009). Tar in the second rhapsody is played by composer, music researcher, tar and setar player and improviser Hossein Alizadeh, 65.

The only piece of the album in the musical mode of Dashti is the sad song of ‘Dar Kouchesar-e-Shab’ (In the Alleys of Night) composed by classical musician Mohammad Reza Lotfi (1947-2014), renowned for his mastery on tar and setar. The song is based on a poem by eminent poet Houshang Ebtehaj, 89.

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