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Camus’ Play in French at Baran Theater

Poster of the playPoster of the play

A 1943 play ‘The Misunderstanding’ (original, ‘Le Malentendu’) by French-Algerian philosopher, writer and journalist Albert Camus (1913-1960), will be staged in French language at Tehran’s Baran Theater.

The play, which focuses on his idea of the absurd (that individuals should embrace the absurd condition of human existence while also defiantly continuing to explore and search for meaning) will run for a week from July 1-7, starting at 5 pm. It is directed by theater actor and director, photographer, translator and TV presenter Javad Molania, 40, Honaronline reported.

The story is about a man, who after living overseas for many years, returns home to find that his sister and widowed mother are making a living by taking in lodgers and murdering them. Since neither his sister nor his mother recognizes him, he becomes a lodger himself without revealing his identity.

Dialogues are in French, with Persian subtitles on the screen. French speaking Moroccan actress Tiphaine Dalmas is among the thespians. Others are Farinoush Dardashti, Mehrnaz Farahani and Mohammad Zebhi.

A highly subjective presentation of human condition as Camus saw it in the desperate circumstances of 1942-43 in Nazi-occupied France, the play reflects several aspects of his life: he had left Algeria, to which he was deeply attached, away from his wife and friends; living under threat of execution as a propaganda agent of the French Resistance. “The play that resembles me the most,” Camus once said about ‘The Misunderstanding’.

The plot resembles the newspaper article that the protagonist of Camus’ 1942 novel ‘The Stranger’ finds under his mattress in a prison cell: it is the story of a man who became rich abroad and comes home to his village where his sister and mother have a hotel. He doesn’t reveal his identity (in order to surprise them later), and books a room as a guest. Because he is wealthy, his mother and sister murder him while he is asleep.

Baran Theater is located at No. 292 on Felestin (Palestine) Street, south of Enqelab Ave. Tickets are available at the theater premises.


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