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Int’l Azeri Concert Slated for July in Ardebil City

Int’l Azeri Concert Slated for July in Ardebil CityInt’l Azeri Concert Slated for July in Ardebil City

Iranian Azeri singer, painter and sculptor Vadood Moazen, 57, said a concert will be held late July in Ardebil, capital of Ardebil Province, with the participation of artists from the Republic of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Iran.

Commemorating the National Week of Ardebil which is usually observed in the last week of July, an orchestra of national and classical instruments will be conducted by master musician, composer and pianist Tural Mammadli from Azerbaijan, he told Mehr News Agency.

Moazen will be among the vocalists at the event. Musicians will perform pieces including ‘Baba Khan’, the bi-lingual song of ‘Sarv-Chaman’ and an anthem for Ardebil.

Baba Khan is a composition written in memory of Haj Baba Khan Ardebili (1876-1922), one of the major activists in Iran’s Constitutional Revolution movement (1905-1911).

Ardebil’s national week has been held annually for seven years and is concurrent with the anniversary of the establishment of Safavid era (1501-1736) in Iran.

The Safavid Empire was founded by Shah Ismail I (1487-1524) in the city of Ardebil. He ruled from 1501 to 1524. His rule is one of the most vital in the history of Iran. Before his accession, there was no unity in the country and was under control of Arab caliphs, Turkic sultans, and Mongol khans.

The dynasty founded by Ismail I ruled for over two centuries, and was one of the greatest Iranian empires. At its height it was among the most powerful empires of the time, ruling all of Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, most of Georgia, the North Caucasus, Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan, as well as parts of modern-day Syria, Turkey, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

The legacy of the Safavid Empire was also the revival of Iran as an economic stronghold between East and West, the establishment of an efficient state administration, architectural innovations and patronage for fine arts.



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