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‘Shared Earth’ Illustrations in Online Exhibit

‘Shared Earth’ Illustrations in Online Exhibit‘Shared Earth’ Illustrations in Online Exhibit

Marking the annual World Environment Day (June 5), artworks under a joint project between Tehran University of Art, the biggest art university in Iran, and the UK’s University of Worcester, are displayed online.

‘Shared Earth’ is the title of the online exhibit launched on the website of Iranian Illustrators Society (, where the event has been publicized.

To set up the exhibit, 27 students from Tehran University of Art and the same number from the Institute of Humanities and Creative Arts at the University of Worcester started an interactive process of creating the display.

Students were paired with one from each side. Their interaction started with a preliminary, unfinished illustration proposed by one and sent to the other in digital format.

Once sent, the idea is completed by the other member of the pair who in turn sends it back to his/her partner for a touch up or modification of the work. This process goes through six stages per pair, with every student getting to work on the joint illustration three times alternatively.

Environment, sustainable development and green earth were the topics given for the joint project. The works presented at the virtual gallery were created in six weeks, between February 9 and March 16 of the current year.

There are a total of 112 illustrations on display at the online gallery of the IIS ( In addition to the finalized artworks, visitors can also see the five stages of the completion process in one view.



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