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‘Between Faith and Doubt’ Published in Persian

‘Between Faith and Doubt’ Published in Persian‘Between Faith and Doubt’ Published in Persian

A short book ‘Between Faith and Doubt: Dialogues on Religion and Reason,’ by globally renowned English philosopher of religion John Hick (1922-2012) is now available in Persian.

The book is a lively dialogue between a religious believer and a skeptic. It covers major issues including different ideas of God, the good and bad in religion, religious experience and neuroscience, pain and suffering, death and life after death, and includes interesting autobiographical revelations.

The 208-page Persian translation of the book by Adib Foroutan has been brought out by Qoqnoos (Phoenix) Publication based in Tehran, Mehr News Agency reported.

Hick in his book presents the case for and against religious faith lucidly and concisely in the form of a dialogue, opposing a wide range of assertions and arguments from the great world religions to the principles and counter-arguments of science-based materialism, according to a review by the publication Palgrave Macmillan (

 Although the author makes his own position clear, the work is not didactic, and readers are made to test their own faith or doubt against the various arguments put forward.

The 15 chapters give a summary of Hick’s views on standard topics of religious philosophy.

Ending with question marks, a number of chapter titles can attract inquisitive minds from the very start: ‘Can God’s Existence Be Proved?’, ‘What Do We Mean by God?’, ‘Religion Without Transcendence?’ and ‘Life after Death?’

Hick has authored numerous books which have been translated into 16 languages. He taught in Britain and the United States and lectured in many countries.


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