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Iranian Stand-Up Comedian Hasan Reyvandi to Hold Australia Tour

Stand-Up Comedian Hasan Reyvandi to Perform in PerthStand-Up Comedian Hasan Reyvandi to Perform in Perth

Stand-up comedian Hasan Reyvandi is set to perform a series of live shows in four Australian cities later this month.

He will perform in Brisbane on June 23 and in Perth on June 24. Then going to Sydney, Reyvandi will hold a show on June 30 and his last program will take place in Melbourne on July 1.

It is the first time the comedian is organizing a program in Australia and on returning to Iran, he will hold a show in the central city of Yazd on July 4.

According to the Reyvandi’s public relations manager, the comedian is planning a summer tour in and outside the country, the details of which have not been announced yet.

Reyvandi, 41, created the first ‘Laughter Show’ in Iran in 2012 where he cracks jokes about social issues and also imitates many Iranian singers.

Using satire, he specifically tries to express dishonesty and deviousness in a critical way, and without any distortion.

Although the nature of his programs is to evoke laughter, the show also considers laughter as a means to inform people of the underlying deep social problems; this makes people think more about their own social behavior, he believes.

Most of Reyvandi’s performances are based on improvisation and almost all of the humorous contents are created impromptu. Improvisation plays an effective role in making the performance more credible.

Another interesting part of the shows is his imitation of Iranian pop and traditional singers. His voice imitation talent was developed in childhood. He gave his first stage performance when he was only 15.

One of the students of the late Iranian pop and folk singer Mohammad Nouri, he learned solfège under his supervision.

Reyvandi has performed in many Iranian cities as well as in foreign countries, including the Netherlands and Germany.


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