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‘Dead End’ on Stage at Paytakht Theater

‘Dead End’ on Stage at Paytakht Theater‘Dead End’ on Stage at Paytakht Theater

Theater director and actor Ali Reza Mehran has directed the play ‘Dead End, underway at Paytakht Theater in Tehran.

Written by theater director and playwright Saman Nasseri, 36, the social drama focuses on family relationship. It opened on May 29 and will run through June 28 starting each night at 9:30 pm.

The play is performed by a number of celebrated thespians including Jahangir Almasi, 62, Siavash Kheirabi, 32, Roz Razavi, 35, and young actress Bahar Mohammadpour, as well as Mehran, 37, Honaronline reported.

“At first, I was supposed to only act,” but after a few rehearsal sessions, the theater group, led by veteran actor Almasi, decided to put him in the director’s chair “due to my background in directing.”

Dead End is about a rich family. The elder brother, played by Mehran, betrays his father’s trust, steals a large sum of his money and flees abroad. The father gets into legal trouble and is jailed.

To save the family, the son-in-law sells his house inherited from his father and makes things better. With the elder brother gone, his loved one marries the younger brother. After 10 years, the mother suffers from a grave illness. The big brother is said to be on his way back.

“There is no main or complementary role in the play. All  complement one another,” according to Mehran.  




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