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Ghorbani’s New Album Coming

Ghorbani’s New Album Coming Ghorbani’s New Album Coming

The latest album by Iranian traditional vocalist Ali Reza Ghorbani, 44, will be released soon.

‘Forough’  (Blaze) is the name of the album, based on a song that has been included which has lyrics from ‘Later On’ (in Persian: Ba’d Ha’), a poem written by the celebrated Iranian poet Forough Farrokhzad (1935-1967) in anticipation of death, according to, a local website on music.

Blaze was a single track released earlier in February to commemorate the death of Farrokhzad on February 13, 1967. It was composed by violinist, kamancheh player and composer Saman Samimi, 40, whose collaboration with Ghorbani continued, resulting in the creation of the forthcoming album.

In memory of the well-known poet, Ghorbani quotes an excerpt from her poem Later On: “My death will arrive one day. It may be a bright, spring dawn. It may be a distant, winter dusk, or perhaps a silent night of a foggy, frozen fall …”

On the occasion of her 50th death anniversary, Ghorbani had said: “In a few days … we will bring out a piece based on a poem by the legendary lady of Persian blank (free) verse to all enthusiasts of her works.”

 Years of Cooperation

The cooperation between Samimi and Ghorbani goes back to 2010 in their joint album “Songs of Rebirth, Tribute to Rumi,’ followed by ‘Lost in Love: Persian Love Songs’ released in early 2015.

Samimi also played the violin in Ghorbani’s 2012 album ‘Hariq-e- Khazan’ (literally, burning of fall).

The new album will be distributed by the sponsoring company ‘Ahang-Eshtiaq’, which produced Ghorbani’s previous album ‘Fairylike Girl’ in 2015, composed by Mahyar Alizadeh. The lyrics of the album also included compositions by celebrated Iranian poets Houshang Ebtehaj, 88, Fereydoun Moshiri (1926-2000) and Sohrab Sepehri (1928-1980).

Ghorbani’s warm, resonant voice has made him particularly popular in Iran. He has recorded many tracks and collaborated with composer Majid Derakhshani, 60; composer and player of various wind instruments Sadeq Cheraghi, 46; composer, author and santur player Pezhman Taheri, 46; and Houshang Kamkar, 71, director and composer of Kamkars music ensemble.


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