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Comic Political Play at Iranshahr Theater

A scene from ‘The Representative of the Nation’A scene from ‘The Representative of the Nation’

Actor and theater director Majid Mozaffari’s latest theatrical play ‘The Representative of the Nation’ opened at Iranshahr Theater in Tehran on May 14.

Based on the late Serbian playwright Branislav Nusic’s 1885 work ‘A Member of the Parliament’, the play is a comedy that focuses on elections and politics. Playwright Sajjad Afsharian has adapted the play, reported.

Director Mozaffari, 66, also performs in the work with his daughter Niki, and Susan Parvar, Vahid Aqapur, Behnam Sharafi, Sam Kabudvand, Mohammad Loqmanian and Sahra Jaba-Ameli.

Nusic (1864-1938) was a Serbian playwright, satirist, essayist, novelist and founder of modern rhetoric in Serbia. He also worked as a journalist and a civil servant.

During his life, he wrote over 20 plays in various genres of comedy, drama and tragedy as well as novels and short stories. ‘A Member of the Parliament’ was the first play he wrote.

His talent is best seen in his comedies and in his humorist prose. In most of his works, he rendered a social comedy of Serbia in his time, presenting provincial merchants, district chiefs, police clerks, housewives, and villains who talk most frankly about their wickedness and the comic twist that occurs when they become the subjects of the two obsessive temptations of society - power and money.

Mozaffari is an acclaimed actor who has won the Crystal Simorgh for Best Supporting Actor at Fajr Film Festival for Bahram Beizai’s ‘Travelers’ in 1991 and had three nominations for Best Actor at other editions of the Fajr Festival.

He has performed in over 40 movies, 20 series and 10 plays and directed one feature film and two theatrical works so far.

The political comedy will be on stage until June 9 at the theater, next to Iranian Artists Forum, Art Garden, N. Mousavi St., Taleqani Ave.


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