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2nd Poster of Majidi’s Indian Film Unveiled

2nd Poster of Majidi’s Indian Film Unveiled2nd Poster of Majidi’s Indian Film Unveiled

Second poster of Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi’s upcoming film ‘Beyond the Clouds’ was revealed on Thursday, at the Cannes Film Festival.

Well-known actor Shahid Kapoor’s younger brother Ishaan Khattar, stars in the film which focuses on a brother-sister relationship and the lives of common people. Actress Malvika Mohanan acts as Ishaan’s sister, Indian Express reported.

The first poster of the India-based film, currently in post-production phase, was unveiled at the Berlin Film Festival in February featuring Ishaan along with the beautiful flamingos in Mumbai.

New poster shows a silhouette shot of the actor, walking in a streetlight lit slum area with a bundle in his hand as a starless purple night sky stretches above. A different side of the city is visible in this picture as high-rise buildings flank the surroundings. Glittering artificial lights in the ‘pucca’ (permanent) houses is a contrast to the dark, abysmal temporary residences.

The overlapping slum against the backdrop of skyscrapers presents a stark contrast and at the same time introduces the city of Mumbai.

Both the posters unveiled till now are very intriguing. Ishaan’s face in the film has also not clearly been revealed to the audience so far.

Producers, Zee Studios and Eyecandy, are planning a unique marketing strategy around the posters. They will gradually release a series of teaser-posters unveiling different looks and textures of the characters and locations.

Celebrated Indian composer AR Rahman has scored the music. He has collaborated with Majidi in his previous film ‘Muhammad, the Messenger of God’.

About making the movie in India, Majidi had said, “filmmakers like Satyajit Ray, whose work I adore, have represented India’s culture, rich heritage and the lives of common people to a global audience. These visions and images have stayed in my mind for years and cajoled me to make a film in India.”

The Hindi-language movie features a complete Indian cast and a mix of Indian and foreign crew members.

Majidi is a renowned filmmaker, screenwriter for his 1998 Oscar-nominated film ‘Children of Heaven’ and world cinema classics like ‘The Song of Sparrows’, ‘The Color of Paradise’ and ‘Baran’.

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