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Sufi Award for Traditional Vocalist

Sufi Award for Traditional VocalistSufi Award for Traditional Vocalist

Highly-acclaimed traditional vocalist Alireza Ghorbani won the Sufi award at the closing ceremony of Pakistan’s International Mystic Music Sufi Festival 2014, on Sunday (Dec 7).

Ghorbani, who participated in the festival, performed in the two cities of Lahore and Islamabad, and received the Sufi award, MNA reported.

The 13th edition of the festival brought together a diverse group of Sufi singers from Pakistan, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, China, Russia and India to showcase Sufi poetry and music that was created more than a thousand years ago.

Accompanied by a group of Iranian musicians, Ghorbani performed Rumi’s poetry which suited the festival’s atmosphere.

Alireza Ghorbani, born in 1973, is a traditional vocalist who has already taken part in many important festivals around the world. Recently, he performed in Dusseldorf, Germany accompanied by the Dusseldorf Young Philharmonic Orchestra.