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Iran in Belgrade Charity Bazaar

Iran in Belgrade Charity BazaarIran in Belgrade Charity Bazaar

Iran’s embassy in Serbia took part in the international charity exhibition in Belgrade which was inaugurated on Sunday.

Iran had an active presence displaying a wide range of handicrafts, miniature, calligraphy, cultural and historical photos, and Iranian traditional foods, all which sold out on the first day itself.

The Women International Club in Serbia - a non-governmental and non-profit association run by volunteers from over 40 countries - who organized the event, will contribute the collections from the sale of entrance tickets, food, and handicrafts, for charity in Serbia, IRNA reported.

Serbian Parliament Speaker Maya Gojkovic who addressed the event said it is an opportunity to extend goodwill towards the needy people and appreciated all the countries which joined “in this humanitarian endeavor.”  

A total of 48 countries including Iran, Switzerland, Indonesia, the US, Malaysia, Australia, Austria, Turkey, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Nigeria, Netherland, Angola, and Myanmar participated in the event.

Iranian Ambassador Majid Fahimpour said Iran “regularly participates in all such opportunities to help the global poor.”

The Iranian cultural attaché office, the Iran-Serbia friendship association, along with the Iranian residents in Serbia contributed to the event.

Iran and Serbia have good relations in cultural issues. Earlier this year, Iran participated in the Belgrade Int’l Book fair. The deep roots of Iranian culture and civilization are prominent all across the globe and the influence of Iran’s rich culture, ethics, and knowledge is undeniable. More than 100 books have been translated into Serbian so far.