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Pop Singer Sanati’s First Concert

Pop Singer Sanati’s First ConcertPop Singer Sanati’s First Concert

Iranian pop singer and songwriter Kourosh Sanati will appear on stage for the first time.

Sanati’s first concert is slated for May 19 at the Persian Gulf auditorium of Niavaran Cultural Center in north Tehran, Honaronline reported.

For a decade, the singer’s name was heard only at music forums and he has not been seen on stage. On Friday, he will perform a selection of his old songs as well as a few singles. His famous work ‘My Love’ is included.

Sanati’s orchestra will be led by conductor and guitarist Reza Cheshmeshab. The concert will feature pieces selected from the two albums of ‘Ye Biqarar’ (Restless One) and ‘Yadet Basheh’ (Remember).

Following the concert, Sanati will release his third album six years after ‘Yadet Basheh,’ his previous album.

The concert starts at 9 pm. Tickets are available online at the website of Iran Concert (



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