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‘Pure Drawing’ in Milan Exhibit

‘Pure Drawing’ in Milan Exhibit‘Pure Drawing’ in Milan Exhibit

Spazio Nour Art Gallery, an art studio in Milan, Italy, is presenting drawings by members of the ‘House of Drawing,’ a center that promotes the art of drawing in Tehran.

The works are showcased at an exhibition titled ‘Pure Drawing,’ running from May 16-22, Honaronline reported.

Sketch artist Farhad Gavzan, 44, who founded the House of Drawing in 2002, together with painter and installation artist Mahmoud Saleh Mohammadi, 38, founder of Spazio Nour, have curated the show.

The exhibition is sponsored by Didi Center of Art and Culture in Noor, Mazandaran Province. The private center is also known as Didi Museum Gallery.

The exhibit features 70 drawing works by 11 young artists from the drawing house.

Gavzan’s focus is on sketches and drawings as independent artistic products. He established the House of Drawing to compensate for the lack of this field as an academic major in Iran for interested students.

The works of artists Shiva Shahla, Hossein Taadi, Amin Timar, Amir Mohammadzadeh, Mehdi Dandi, Mahdieh Abolhassan, Zahra Nikuray, Raheleh Qavipanjeh, Mahsa Mersi, Elham Afshar and Hasti Jeddi are being showcased at the exhibit.

Spazio Nour Art Gallery is open from 6-10 pm. The gallery serves as a creative environment of contemporary art for international artists.


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