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Debate on Image-Language Link in Pre-Islamic Art

Debate on Image-Language Link in Pre-Islamic ArtDebate on Image-Language Link in Pre-Islamic Art

The connection between ‘Language and Image in Art of Pre-Islamic Iran’ will be reviewed and debated at the Iranian Academy of Arts in Tehran, affiliated to the presidential office.

It will take place at an expert meeting on May 16, at the conference hall of the academy located on the 3rd floor at No. 1552, intersection of Valiasr Avenue and Taleqani Street.

The ‘Committee for Art of Pre-Islamic Iran’ at the academy’s Research Department, has organized the event, according to the website

Iranian theologian and linguist Ahmad Pakatchi is among the speakers. He is a member of the Supreme Scientific Council of the Center for the Great Islamic Encyclopedia (CGIE). He also presides over the academy’s Art Semiotics division. Pakatchi has written over 700 articles on linguistics, research methodology, literary motifs and philosophy of ancient Iran.

Another speaker is philologist Ali Reza Esmailpour who has done extensive research in ancient art and cultural interrelations, particularly in literature and performing arts of Iran and India.

Philologist, art historian and author Neda Akhavan Aqdam will also address the meeting. A member of the academy’s Art History Division, she is a researcher at CGIE. The focus of her studies is on Iranian mythology and religion before the advent of Islam. She has expertise in Sassanid art.

Open to the public, the meeting starts at 3 pm and will run through 6 pm.

Caption: Poster of ‘Language and Image in Art of Pre-Islamic Iran’


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