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‘Fidibo’ Can Bridge Reading Gap

‘Fidibo’ Can Bridge  Reading Gap ‘Fidibo’ Can Bridge  Reading Gap

Fidibo is an Iranian website and mobile phones application which offers a wide range of Persian and non-Persian e-Books, some for free and some not.

Reading index is one of the most important indices in human societies. The outlook, culture, and attitude of a society are deeply rooted in its reading habits, according to

The inrush of digital gadgets has caused deterioration in the reading habit per capita and broadened the gap between people and paper books.

 Electronic Books

Fidibo, with a look towards domestic reading needs, intends to expand the use of electronic books. The application is licensed by Fidibo website which introduces itself as “the first Iranian website to produce and distribute e-Books.”

With Fidibo, various books could be downloaded in Persian or other languages. The application is user-friendly which puts the e-Book in easy access of Smartphone or tablet users. There are a large number of free e-Books but the prices of non-free ones are reasonable as well. There are also discounts for the services offered.

Fidibo enjoys the possibility to sync information such as bookmarks and notes on different gadgets through the user’s account.

An option to modify the display mode of the book based on personal needs is also available in Fidibo such as ‘night mode’ to enhance the readability of the texts.