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Shajarian’s European Tour

Shajarian’s European Tour Shajarian’s European Tour

The renowned Mohammad Reza Shajarian will kick off his European tour on September 27 in Sweden and accompanying him is the well-known Shahnaz band. Saeeid Farajpoori will also join him as conductor. Farajpoori said the concert will be staged in two parts: the first includes three ballads performed by Shajarian followed by two pieces accompanied by Zarb (the principal percussion instrument of Persian music).

The pieces are based on poetry by classical poet Hafez and contemporary poets Hooshang Ebtehaj and Fereydoon Moshiri. The second part of the concert will feature songs composed by Majid Derakhshani and Shajarian himself, honaronline reported.

Farajpoor added that in composing the songs, extra care has been taken to enhance the beauty of the melodies, since “the aesthetic quality of melody is the core component of a musical piece.” He also said that in the compositions, ten different instruments invented by Shajarian himself were employed.

Farajpoori has previously cooperated with Shajarian at events both inside and outside of Iran, notably in the album ‘Ghoghaye Eshghe Baran’ – or wonders of the love of rain and a concert by the same name.

Shajarian’s concert will conclude on October on 26 in London, England. From Sweden the troupe will perform in Germany, France and Austria. They are also expected to perform in Australia and USA soon.

Born on September 23, 1940, Shajarian is one of the most celebrated music artists in the world.  He has been called “Iran’s greatest living master of traditional Persian music. He is also known for his skills in Persian calligraphy and humanitarian activities. In 1999 UNESCO presented him with the prestigious Picasso Award, one of Europe’s highest honors.