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Ronak Group Performance at Vahdat on May 24

Ronak Group Performance  at Vahdat on May 24 Ronak Group Performance  at Vahdat on May 24

The music band Ronak will stage a concert of four different genres at Tehran’s Vahdat Hall.

Slated for May 24 at 9:30 pm, Ronak will perform pieces in the genres of traditional music, contemporary folk, pop and world music, ILNA reported.

Led by vocalist and daf player Keyvan Ali Mohammadi, 43, the 11-member music group is known across Iran for authentic performances of folk compositions from various ethnicities.

Their instruments are capable of performing a wide range of genres and styles. They will play an English piece titled ‘I’m Free’ as well as an Egyptian song named ‘Habibi.’ The pieces will be sung by Armin Sharifpour.

In pop music, Ronak will perform a popular piece known to a majority of Iranians. The song ‘Khanoumam’ (My Lady), was composed, sung and arranged by musician Davood Chargari in 2012. Chargari will accompany the band at the concert to sing his famous song.

An old song known as ‘Bidad-e-Zaman’ (ravage of time) is the band’s choice in traditional Persian music. It was composed by distinguished composer and violinist Parviz Yahaqi (1936-2007) in the musical mode of Avaz-Bayat of Isfahan. The sad lyrics were written by poet Bijan Taraqi (1930-2009).

As for folk and ethnic music, Ronak has prepared various pieces from the ethnic Kurd, Lur, Baluch, Turkmen, Gilak, Azeri groups as well as from southern regions of Iran.

The pieces are arranged by Reza Sajjadi who plays the keyboard. Vahid Abdollahi and Saeedeh Khalaj are the vocalists of traditional songs. Lur singer of the event is Hossein Reza Asadi. Hamed Qavidel will sing Kurmanji (a Kurdish subgroup) ethnic music.

Ayaz Shojaee will sing in Azeri and Mehdi Sheykholeslami in Gilak. Goli Golmohammad will render Baluchi.

Kavian Ali Mohammadi will play kamancheh and Hanieh Ali Mohammadi, the tar. Sajjad Rezaee will perform on tar and morazh, a 3-stringed lute.

Ali Reza Rahimi is on percussion, and Hengameh Torabi on oud. Maryam Marzbani plays nagara and dayereh drums, and Neda Rezaian plays dohol, a large two-headed cylindrical drum.

Bagpipe and zurna are played by Hamid Reza Soleymani. Guitarist Mohammad Jedinejad and bass guitarist Aydin Nikoumaram are the other musicians at the concert.



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