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‘Green Marriage’ Documentary on Activist Couple

‘Green Marriage’ Documentary on Activist Couple‘Green Marriage’ Documentary on Activist Couple

Photographer, script writer, director and producer of documentary films Mohsen Sakha is close to completion of the shooting sessions for his latest documentary ‘Green Marriage.’

Green Marriage is a portrayal of a young environmental activist couple living in the city of Kermanshah, capital of Kermanshah Province, Mehr News Agency reported.

“Saeed Solymani and Shiva Motazedi drew my attention when I heard about the ‘mahr’ agreement between them,” at the time of their marriage a year ago, Sakha said.

Mahr is a mandatory required amount of money or possessions, paid by the groom to the bride at the time of marriage, for her exclusive use. It can be anything agreed upon by the bride such as jewelry, home goods, furniture and dwelling.

As her mahr, Motazedi agreed to a plantation with 1,305 trees; 1305, because it was the Iranian calendar year (1926) when Eskandar Firouz, the founder of the Environment Department in Iran, was born.

“While mahr is often about hundreds of gold coins, the young couple agreed on a tree plantation. Their decision created a feeling of respect and admiration in me for the couple. So I went over to get to know more about them,” Sakha said.

Sakha spoke about the environmental activities of the couple including the establishment of ‘Kaykom,’ the first nature school across western Iran in Kermanshah.

They also established the Huraman Forest School in Hawraman, a mountainous region within the provinces of Kurdistan and Kermanshah in western Iran and northeastern Iraq.

“Saeed and his wife Shiva are promoting an environment-friendly culture among children and their families, hoping to help make the natural habitats safe for plants and animals,” Sakha said.

After the shooting sessions end, it will undergo editing and dubbing before it goes for production and screening permits.


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