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Rafiee Rad’s Work at New York Exhibit

Rafiee Rad’s Work at ‘She Inspires’ Rafiee Rad’s Work at ‘She Inspires’

The works of 60 artists from across the world, inspired by female personalities who have paved the way for girls and women today, are on display at the Untitled Space gallery in New York.

From Iran, painter and photographer Reza Rafiee Rad, 43, is participating in the exhibition called ‘She Inspires,’ Honaronline reported.

Rafiee Rad is a painter whose field of interest is abstract expressionism. His works have been showcased at several solo and group exhibitions in Iran, Turkey and the US. He has also translated a book into Persian titled ‘Art in Postmodern Situation’ published by Dastan Publications in 2010.

‘She Inspires’ opened on May 2 and will run through May 20. It is organized by art curator and photographer Indira Cesarine who is the owner of the gallery.

“I felt it was a really important time to take a step back and try to focus on a very inspirational show that could encourage empowerment and inspiration,” Cesarine told Global Citizen (, an American community-based social platform.

“Unfortunately, in America women are not nearly as encouraged as men to run for office, and yet statistically when women run for office they have an equal opportunity of actually winning. But at the end of the day, fewer women do run,” Cesarine said.

The women that are featured in the show’s artwork are not only inspirational women in politics, but those in science, music, space, and philosophy.

The artists behind the work have come from all over the world, each with their own backgrounds and experiences with gender discrimination. At least nine of the 60 artists are men.

Rafiee Rad has previously expressed his concerns about women’s empowerment at ‘Dada Lives,’ an exhibition held in May-June 2016, featuring 100 artists from over 20 nations at the Blue Ash College Art Gallery, University of Cincinnati, Ohio.

   Highlighting Achievements

The likes of Queen Elizabeth II, Nina Simone, Michelle Obama, Alicia Keys, and Egyptian queen Nefertiti will also line the exhibit’s walls.

‘She Inspires’ intends to turn away from criticism and negativity, drawing more on the feats and accomplishments of such women.

“Men and women need to be encouraged to reflect on some of the incredible achievements of women, which have been marginalized and lost along the way,” Cesarine said.

About 10% of the proceeds from the exhibition will go to ‘She Should Run,’ a non-partisan American organization, which is working toward recruiting more girls and women to become involved in public leadership.



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