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Miniature Masterpieces on Display

Miniature Masterpieces on DisplayMiniature Masterpieces on Display

A number of 276 works of Persian paintings in different fields of miniature, ‘Gol-o-Morq’ (flower and bird), ‘Tazhib’ (illumination) and ‘Siah-Qalam’ (literally ‘black pen’ - a term referring to both the genre of paintings or drawings done in pen and ink) are on display at the Saba Cultural-Artistic Institute’s gallery in Tehran, until December 31.

The showcasing of the art works was part of the inauguration ceremony of the 9th biennial of Persian Paintings held on Saturday, IRNA reported.

The biennial included a showcase of Persian paintings by artists in the competition and non-competition section, a scientific conference, specialized workshops and honoring veterans in the field.

Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance art deputy, Ali Moradkhani, who addressed the event as the keynote speaker, called for redoubling of endeavors in preserving and fostering this ancient branch of art, as it is intertwined with Iranian identity.

 Supportive Role

He also pointed to the minimal role of government in art affairs, stating, “We have been able to fulfill our pledges on entitling management responsibility to the artists as they can handle their concerns better than anyone,” adding that the government’s role is only supportive. He also praised the extensive presence of the younger generation in the competition, and called it promising.

Omid Tahmasebi, the secretary of the biennial said the submission calls were announced in midsummer, and more than 1000 works of arts in five different fields of Persian paintings were received; 100 works will make their way to the gallery.

A number of artworks by Persian painting masters such as Amirhussein Aqamiri, Abbas Jamalpour, Mahindokht Salek, and Aliasghar Tajvidi are also presented in the non-competition section.

Works of the nominated artists will also be published in a book and presented to the nominees, he added.