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Flute Choir at Roudaki

Flute Choir at RoudakiFlute Choir at Roudaki

Tehran Flute Choir will perform contemporary pieces from Iran and elsewhere today in the capital at 5 pm.

The flute choir is part of the ongoing 2nd Tehran International Contemporary Music Festival, April 26-May 5, according to Tiwall, a website for introduction of cultural events, where the tickets for the show are available.  

It will perform at Roudaki Hall, affiliated to Roudaki Foundation, one of the three venues hosting the music festival. Other two venues are Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art and College of Fine Arts, University of Tehran.

Tehran Flute Choir is led by master flutist Firouzeh Navaee, 62, and conducted by her husband Saeed Taqadosi, a proficient flutist who has also collaborated with Tehran Symphony Orchestra.  

Majority of the choir flutists are members of Iran Flute Society. At the program, they will perform ‘7 Seconds to Bampour’ created by composer Parviz Davoudi; ‘A Persian Poem’ by Austria-based Iranian flute player and composer Reza Najfar; ‘Thou Hast Rent Thy Clothes and Wept Before Me’ by vibro-acoustic engineer Vedad Famour Zadeh; ‘Kismet’ (fate) by Iranian composer Reza Vaali and ‘Flute Quartet’ by Russian composer Sofia Gubaidulina.

Soheil Koushanpour, 36, founder and managing director of Koosha Music Academy, is the choir’s arts manager and Ehsan Tarokh, executive manager.

The four choir instruments of the flute family, namely piccolo, flute, alto flute and bass flute will be used in the concert.

Roudaki Hall is located at Shahryar Blvd., Hafez St., south of Enqelab Ave.


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