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Online Domain for Research Work

Online Domain for Research Work Online Domain for Research Work

An online system for research works has been launched by the Iranian Research Institute for Information Science and Technology (IRANDOC), affiliated to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT).

The system operates on the domain and is to be unveiled today (May 2) at the IRANDOC premises in the presence of Vahid Ahmadi, research and technology deputy at the ministry, the website reported.

‘SAAT,’ as the system is called, is a website where organizations and companies can call for research works and specify on which areas the research should focus. On the other hand, researchers can specify their scientific specialties and the projects they are pursuing to get financial support and patronage.

 SAAT will serve as a bridge between academic articles and dissertations on the one hand, and research requirements of organizations on the other. The system also reinforces the intra-relationship between researchers, while organizations can learn more about one another through it.

In general, the development of a scientific information network is among the activities of IRANDOC. Other activities of the institute, which is independent in its operation, include research in information science, acquisition, documentation and dissemination of scientific information.

Through SAAT, organizations can receive scientific information and counseling services from researchers, while they fund the research projects and equip the scientists with tools and hardware.

The online system will facilitate long-term collaboration between organizations and researchers. By referring to the system, companies and institutes can look for qualified researchers and check out their resumes and background works before assigning a project.

IRANDOC was established to work in the field of science, information technology and librarianship. The institute has so far developed various scientific databases and meets different information needs of its users.

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