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Exhibit on Virtual World

Exhibit on Virtual WorldExhibit on Virtual World

A solo drawing exhibition ‘A Stream of Memories,’ by sketch artist, print maker and chalcographist Anali Vakili is underway at Knack Art Gallery in Tehran.

Chalcography (from Greek chalcos, copper and graphia, to write), are engravings on copper plates used for printmaking and for illustrations in the production of books.

The exhibit opened on Friday and contains the drawings of portraits, landscapes, animals and anthropomorphic signs and symbols, according to Gallery Info (

About her exhibition, Vakili, 27, said the images are taken from the virtual world and are combined to embody her idea of utopia. “They are the images of familiar and unfamiliar faces, landscapes, birds and other animals, disoriented figures and human-like symbols.”

The virtual world has so deeply impacted human lives that sometimes it seems difficult to distinguish the real from the virtual. “And it saddens me that sometimes my memories are mingled with my dreams.”

Using her imagination she has organized the exhibit that “has created a world where everything seems beautiful and pleasant like in the virtual world.”

Knack Art Gallery is located at No.7, Sina Alley, Niloufar Square, Zafar, Modarres Highway. The exhibit will run through May 8 on all days except Saturdays. Visiting hours are from 12-6 pm. On Friday, the gallery is open from 4-8 pm.


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