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Works From 35 Artists in Environment Exhibit

Works From 35 Artists in Environment ExhibitWorks From 35 Artists in Environment Exhibit

A group of artists will present their works at Mojdeh Art Gallery in Tehran with their reflections on the environment.

Titled ‘Environ Recited’, the group of 35 artists will exhibit 40 paintings and sculptures. The opening ceremony will be held on May 1 from 4-8 pm and the event will run through May 10 on all days except Saturdays, from 12-6 pm.

It is curated by photographer and graphic designer Fereydoun Farboud, 39, who has asked participants to offer their personal readings of the world around them, Honaronline reported.

There are notable artists among the participants, such as painter Manouchehr Niazi, 81, whose works often reflect his concerns about environmental degradation.

Painter and graphic designer Behzad Shishegaran, 64, is another participant whose environmental concerns have already been expressed through his painting collection ‘Tehran in Coma’ created in 2000. The theme of the collection is on toxic air pollution in the metropolis.  

“Putting my paintings on social media networks is the least I can do, because I cannot be indifferent to such an important issue,” Shishegaran said in an interview last year.

Contemporary painter Aneh Mohammad Tatari, 60, as well as younger artists Tahereh Samadi Tari, Atousa Vahdani and Danial Molanorouzi, are other artists presenting their works.

Farboud, in an introduction to the exhibit says: “The industrial, mechanical life of today has taken its toll on millions of people. As a result, environmentalists and artists are now looking differently at the surrounding world, reflecting in their works an interpretation of what they see. Artists participating in the exhibit belong to various generations. Their observations of the environment are reflected in their works.”

Featured paintings are acrylic and oil on paper and canvas. Sculptures are of various materials such as wood, metal and plastic.

The event also features a number of “sound sculptures.” Also called sound installations, they are the artworks that produce pleasant, harmonious sounds in defiance of the cacophony of harsh noises heard daily.  

 The gallery is located at No. 27, East 18 St., North Allameh St., Saadatabad.


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