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Shahab Sadeqi Concert at Azadi Tower

Shahab SadeqiShahab Sadeqi

Rock guitarist and composer Shahab Sadeqi, 34, will perform an electro-hard-rock concert on April 20 at Tehran’s Azadi Tower.

The tickets are already sold out for the concert which starts at 8:30 pm. It is barely over a year that Sadeqi’s name is being heard in music forums, but he is now the best seller rock musician in Iran, Honaronline reported.

In December last, he broke the sales record for rock concert in Iran with his instrumental performance. The concert itself was sold out within an hour.

His upcoming concert will feature seven tracks from the first album of his band that is under production. The event will also cover some of the most cherished rock compositions in the world.

Sadeqi and band member Kourosh Zarandouz, 27, play the electric guitar. Bass guitarist is Mohammad Reza Delavari, 26, and Arya Asadi, 22, is on drums.

Their concert would be the first official electro hard rock performance in Iran. The band was formed in 2014 and now enjoys a huge number of fans.

The slogan of the group is ‘Let it out and purify.’ The band seeks to provide opportunities where artists and rock enthusiasts can express themselves “free from controversies.”

‘Ecstasy’ (in Persian: Khalseh), ‘The Universe’ (Keyhan) and ‘Scene’ (Sahneh) are among the pieces to be performed at the event.  


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