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Kart Taking ‘Advantage’ to the Homeless

The film is about homeless drug addicts who try to leave behind their past lives, but the society is ruthless against them
Mohammad Kart  (R) and a screenshot from the documentaryMohammad Kart  (R) and a screenshot from the documentary

A 2016 documentary about homelessness is planned to be screened for homeless people in Tehran.

The 70-minute documentary ‘Advantage,’ directed and produced by Iranian documentarian, actor and producer Mohammad Kart, 31, is to be screened in a number of areas across Tehran where groups of homeless people gather for overnight stay.

In cooperation with the NGO Toloo Bineshanha based in Tehran, the film will be screened once a week at one of the overnight lodgings for the homeless in the capital, ISNA reported.

The nongovernmental organization established in 2009, supports the homeless and socially disadvantaged groups. The society is procuring a mobile cinema device to screen the film for the homeless.

This initiative is aimed to give hope to the homeless people whose living conditions are devastating.

The documentary is named after a football rule, defining a situation where the referee has signaled a foul but delays making the call because the team that has made the foul has a more favorable position in play. If the team loses this favorable position, the referee can then make the call.

It is about a number of homeless people who have taken shelter in a rehabilitation center to recover from addiction. They have formed a football team and are trying to register it among other clubs in Tehran; but first they have to defeat veterans of Esteqlal team that was once the Asian champion. Their situation becomes all the more challenging when Tehran Municipality decides to shut down the rehab center.

Regarding his documentary, Kart has given the following statement: “The film is about homeless drug addicts who despite frustration and helplessness, try to leave behind their past lives.  However, the society is ruthless against them.”

The places where Advantage is to be screened include the neighborhoods of Shoush, Darvazeh-Ghar, Khalazir and Farahzad Valley, where there are many homeless people who are mostly addicts.

 Kart started his career as a professional actor in theater in 2000 and has won several prizes. He has also performed in several drama films including ‘I’m Not Angry’ directed by Reza Dormishian, 38.

His first documentary ‘Bruise’ received the Best Social Documentary of the Year Prize at Cinema Verite International Film Festival in 2013 and his second documentary ‘Incubus, the Small Chance’ won the best direction at Fajr International Film Festival.

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