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The Wimpy Kid Is Champion

The Wimpy Kid Is ChampionThe Wimpy Kid Is Champion

‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul’ by Jeff Kinney is the ninth book in the illustrated series, and the sixth in a row to land at No. 1 of the bestselling books in the US.

According to the Sun Chronicle website, the Heffley family hit the road in the latest installment of ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ book series while author Kinney took a road trip of his own to support the book.

The ninth book in the wildly popular series, ‘The Long Haul’, which was released earlier this month, is about middle schooler Greg Heffley and his family hopping in the car for a long vacation trip. It is a first for the family that has stayed close to home in the previous eight books.

Kinney went off on the road November 3 and continued touring until November 25. The tour was centered on the northeastern part of the United States and there were several stops in Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts and Vermont, among others.

Beginning in 2007, the series has become a phenomenon among children and parents. There are 150 million of his books in print in 45 different languages, including Persian. During previous years several publications have translated and published different volumes of the book in Iran which were welcomed by children and young adults.