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Artists Create Own Perception of ‘Flatland’

Artists Create Own Perception of ‘Flatland’
Artists Create Own Perception of ‘Flatland’

The first exhibition at Shirin Gallery in Tehran in the new Persian year (started March 21) is a curatorial exhibit of visual arts via literature which opened on Friday.

Titled ‘Flatland Project’, the event is curated by Golbarg Barzin and includes works of different art mediums created by eight young artists.

According to an email from the gallery, the project is based on the book ‘Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions’ written by the English schoolmaster Edwin Abbott Abbott in 1884. ‘Flatland’ is a two-dimension world, and ‘Square’, an inhabitant of the land, tells the story of his life and recounts his experience in the one-dimensional and the three-dimensional worlds and beyond.

A satirical novella, the book continues to stimulate the mind of young people after more than 130 years. Several feature and short films have been made from the story so far.

The ‘Flatland Project’ has been developed to create a link between literature and the visual arts. The artworks are interpretations of the book from the imagination of eight young artists each skilled in different art mediums.

Works by Alireza Keymanesh, Amir Bahador Falahati, Amir Pousti, Farshad Xajeh Nassiri, Golnoosh Heshmati, Maryam Keshmiri, Pedram Sadegh Beyki and Vajid Amini will be on display through April 19 at the gallery located at No. 5, 13th St., Sanaee St., Karimkhan Zand Ave.


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