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IIDCYA Translates Baghcheban’s ‘Snowman Daddy’ in English

Cover of the bookCover of the book

The Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults (IIDCYA) has published Jabbar Baghcheban’s ‘Daddy Snowman’ in English.

The book was presented at the 54th Bologna Children’s Book Fair (BCBF) in Bologna, Italy, April 3-6, IRNA reported.

Translated by Iranian translator Mitra Khatoonabadi and illustrated by the French artist Alain Bailhache, the story is about a group of children who make a big snowman, just like their grandpa, in a cold winter and call it Snowman Daddy.

One of the popular books for children in Iran, it has also received an honorary mention by UNESCO in the past.

Baghcheban (1886-1966) is highly respected in Iran as he established the first Iranian school for the deaf, and was the inventor of Persian sign language.

Bailhache is a French painter and illustrator who has produced several artworks for Iranian children’s books. He taught at the School for Decorative Arts in Tehran, from 1967-1979. In 1995, he published the book ‘Paris, Bretagne, Iran: the Way of a Painter’.

Established in 1965, IIDCYA is an Iranian institution with a wide range of cultural and artistic activities in the field of mental and cultural development for children and young adults.


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