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Portraits of Azarbaijan Elite at Farda Gallery

Hadiyan’s solo exhibition features 40 photos of the people from northwestern Iran and famous in cultural, artistic or social forums
Portraits of Azarbaijan Elite at Farda GalleryPortraits of Azarbaijan Elite at Farda Gallery

Photographer and filmmaker Pasha Hadiyan, 42, from Tabriz, East Azarbaijan Province, will show some of his photographs of renowned figures who are the natives of East Azarbaijan and West Azarbaijan provinces.

Hadiyan’s solo exhibition ‘Contemporary Figures of Azarbaijan’ will feature 40 photos of the people from northwestern Iran and famous in cultural, artistic or social forums, ILNA reported.

The photos were taken between 2010 and 2015. They have been published in the book ‘Contemporary Figures of Azarbaijan: Portraits of Cultural, Artistic and Social Figures from Azarbaijan,’ published in 2015 by the cultural research institute Nazar Publication and Distribution, based in Tehran.

The exhibit opens on April 7 at Farda Art Gallery in Tehran and will run through April 13. Visitors will see acclaimed figures in music, painting, cinema, theater, calligraphy, sculpture, poetry, sociology, medicine and sport.

  Living Legend

There is a living legend among the portraits. He is Azbar Ali Khajavi, 87, known across the country as the ‘Devoted Farmer’ (in Persian: Dehqan-e- Fadakar).

One night in the fall of 1962, Khajavi was walking by a railroad when he saw part of the line blocked by mountainside debris. He prevented an imminent deadly crash by warning the approaching train with his makeshift torch that was actually his coat, and later by firing his rifle.

Other figures portrayed at the exhibit are cinematographer Seyfollah Samadian, 63, born in Urmia; film director, screenwriter and producer Tahmineh Milani, 56, born in Osku; iconic actor Reza Naji, 74, born in Tabriz; and painter, scholar and fabric designer Parivash Ganji, 72, who on November 3, 2015 received ‘The Order of Rising Sun’ from the Japanese government for her research on the influence of Sassanid designs through the Silk Road on kimono and obi, the latter being a traditional Japanese sash.

Photographer Fakhreddin Fakhreddini, 85, who has taken pictures of many celebrities in the past 60 years, is among the featured portraits. He specializes in portrait and characterization.

Yadollah Amini, 91, known as Maftoun, a poet who long back turned from traditional to modern poetry, now composing blank verse, can be seen among the portraits. His works include ‘The Lake’, ‘The Hurricane’, ‘Pomegranate Grove’, ‘The Hidden Chapter’ and ‘A Vine Orchard of Possibilities.’

The exhibit ‘Contemporary Figures of Azarbaijan’ features a portrait of another prominent figure. She is Iranologist Jaleh Amouzgar, 78, born in Khoy. Currently, she is presiding over the Department of Ancient Iranian Culture and Languages at Tehran University. She has contributed significantly to ancient Iranian studies and the history of literature in ancient Iran, and also to the Encyclopedia Iranica.

Other portraits include those of late poet, scholar and journalist Yahya Sheyda (1924-2011), born in Tabriz; Grand Ayatollah Moslem Malakouti (1923-2014), born in Sarab; and football player Karim Baqeri, 43, born in Tabriz.

Farda Art Gallery, the venue of the exhibit, is located at No 2, A’rabi 6 Alley, Hosseini Street, Karim Khan Blvd.

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