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Farrokhi Yazdi’s Home to Be Made a Museum

Farrokhi Yazdi’s Home to Be Made a MuseumFarrokhi Yazdi’s Home to Be Made a Museum

The house of Farrokhi Yazdi is to be restored and rendered into a meeting place for literary figures, according to Reza Sokhandan, his 95-year-old nephew, who has donated his uncle’s house to Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO).

By buying and reconstructing the house, the ICHHTO “wishes to express gratitude to one of the all time greatest Iranian freedom fighters,” said Mostafa Fatemi, the deputy of Yazd Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department.

Near his home in Yazd where the poet grew up, there are also several other historical sites. If those are bought and also if the Vahshi Bafqi’s tombstone in the district is renovated, a rich cultural-historical complex can be established in this area, Honaronline reported.

 Dwelling Place

After restoration the house will be made a museum. The ‘windcatcher’ is derelict and needs renovation. “The reconstruction has begun and will end in six months; if all goes according to plan the museum will open in a year displaying several of the poet’s hand-written notes and belongings such as his walking stick and glasses,” the official said.

A board of trustees, comprising researchers and specialists, has been assigned the task. Once the project is completed, aside from a museum for displaying the poet’s belongings, the cultural site will also house a dwelling place for the literati of Yazd and a museum featuring the history of the city, he said.

Farrokhi Yazdi was a poet, journalist and active freedom fighter during the Persian Constitutional Revolution.  In 1921, he published the political newspaper “Toufan” (storm), winning fame for his poetry and constant attacks against Reza Pahlavi in his editorials. He was arrested, sentenced to prison at Tehran’s Qasr prison, and died by lethal injection in 1939.