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Soor Ensemble to Unveil New Album

‘Tondar’ and Shajarian’s other inventions on display at Iranian Artists Forum
‘Tondar’ and Shajarian’s other inventions on display at Iranian Artists Forum

The latest album of Soor music ensemble is to be unveiled today at Alef Book City in Tehran.

Titled ‘Dar Eshq Zendeh Bayad’ (literally, love needs living)  the album features ‘tondar’ (thunder), an instrument designed and created by Iranian master musician, composer and vocalist Mohammad Reza Shajarian, 76, and unveiled in spring of 2011.

It is composed by Majid Molania, 36. The vocalist is Vahid Taj, 33, a pupil of Shajarian, Honaronline reported.

The album is sponsored by Sadroddin Hosseinkhani, founder and manager of IranGaam Record, a record label based in the capital’s Enqelab Street.

Traditional Iranian vocalist Hesameddin Seraj, 58, will attend the event along with scholar, author, essayist, lecturer and literary researcher Iraj Shahbazi, 44. They both will deliver speeches.

Tondar, a bass version of santur, gives the orchestra “a warmer tone.” The album is based on a selection from ‘Diwan-e-Shams,’ the masterpiece of Mawlana Jalal-ad-Din Muhammad Balkhi (1207-1273), better known as Rumi.

Soor’s second album after ‘Yar-e-Mast’ (Intoxicated Friend) will be released by Honar-Shahr distributing institute. The first album was sung by traditional and classical vocalist Salar Aghili, 39, and composed by Molania in 2013. Both albums are based on Rumi’s poems and produced by IranGaam Record.

The members of the ensemble who have contributed to the new album are Jamshid Safarzadeh on santur and tondar, Hamid Qanbari and Amin Dadvari on percussion, Ali Reza Daryabi and Behzad Hassanzadeh on kamancheh, Iranian spike fiddle, Saber Souri on oud and Mehdi Bassiratmanesh, player of bass qeychak.

Molania is also among the players. He is on setar, an Iranian instrument of lute family with moveable frets, played with index finger. Guest player is Amin Yasavoli who plays oud, a short-necked lute in shape of pear.

Alef Book City is located at No. 1, northern Alef Street, Alef Square, Moqaddas Ardebili Street.     

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