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Joint Iran-Azeri Comedy Play in Baku

Azerbaijan State Theater of Musical Comedy in BakuAzerbaijan State Theater of Musical Comedy in Baku

Theater is now among the joint areas of cooperation between Iran and its northwestern neighbor the Republic of Azerbaijan.

After efforts to establish a joint chamber of commerce, a cooperative bank, a railroad project and a pharmaceutical plant among others, the two countries are now producing a joint play, Fars News Agency reported.

‘Bakhtavar’ (lucky) is a joint comedy which is to be staged in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan.

The play is written in Azeri language by comedy writer and actor Babak Nahreyn, 37, who is the head of Iran’s East Azarbaijan Performing Art Association. It is directed by theater director, playwright and set designer Yaqoub Sediq Jamali, 42. Both are from Tabriz, capital of East Azarbaijan Province.

The idea of the joint play originated at the provincial Fajr Theater Festival held January 13-17, when representatives of Azerbaijan State Theater of Musical Comedy in Baku, one of the country’s leading musical theaters, met with Babak Theater Group, led by Nahreyn.

The play is currently in its final rehearsal sessions. It is slated for Norouz (New Year) holidays, which is also a traditional holiday in Azerbaijan, starting from March 20. It will be staged at the Azerbaijan State Theater of Musical Comedy and will run through March 30.

Over 150 artists are participating in the play, including some celebrated Azeri thespians, musicians and others who will perform backstage.

“The story of the play is based on a legend. The upcoming performance is planned to celebrate Norouz, a tradition observed both in Iran and Azerbaijan,” Sediq Jamali said.

Nahreyn plays a part, besides two other members of Babak Theater Group, Bahman Taqipour and Jamal Saqinejad.

He appreciated the efforts of Seyed Ebrahim Ebrahimi, Iran’s cultural attaché in Baku, for supporting the play.

In a meeting with representatives of Azerbaijan State Theater, Ebrahimi said: “Iran and Azerbaijan have much commonality in history, language, culture and ideology.”

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